About Inglorious Travels

The Inglorious Travels were my first long solo journey (2016) and they were inspired by the books of Nicolas Bouvier.

When I travel, I’m not after sights, amenities, bucket lists, or margaritas. I see travel as an extension of my life into the great big world and the lives of others. I am happiest when I find a situation, bus seat or street corner that allows me to look at everything around.

Now that I’ve wandered for a while, I know that ‘mass tourism’ is even more ‘mass’ than I had thought, and the attempt to find the less beaten path fails because of the very cliché that this has become. Not much can be unique on the travel front anymore, but when you are open to the world and let it sift through you, it leaves a unique imprint. Inglorious Travels are one such imprint.

My Leica 109 camera accompanied me on this journey. It was not off to a good start, but it always did a great job no matter the task and environment, and certainly beyond its manufacturing limitations. If there is a contest for the most resilient camera anywhere in this world, then this Leica is a serious contender.

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